Karen L. - After 12 treatments with MLS Laser Therapy 


​Testimonial on Neuropathy  ​

Carolee J. - Relief after single treatment of MLS Laser Therapy 

“For the last 15 years I have experienced neuropathy. My feet were numb, cold and unresponsive, but I find now that my feet are much more lively and vibrant from when I started treatment. I can now feel the floor under my feet after 15 years. The improvement has been so enjoyable that I am willing to drive from Bountiful, Utah down to Dr. Wilde’s office in American Fork, Utah. I look forward to seeing what further treatment will do!” 

Brinley- After 4 months she was back to doing physical activity 

Testimonial on Hand and Neck Arthritis

"At the start of basketball season, I tore my ACL and missed the whole rest of the season. As part of my physical therapy and recovery, I went to Freedom Square Chiropractic and did laser therapy for about 4 months.  The results in my recovery were amazing.As a result of receiving the laser therapy, I kept progressing further and faster than others who had the same injury and surgery at the same time.  The laser therapy significantly reduced the pain and swelling which allowed me to progress further in my therapy and recovery. "

Dennis C. - 15 treatments plus maintenance care with MLS Laser Therapy 

Testimonials from patients at
Freedom Square Laser Center 

“The pain in my hands and wrists are gone. I was able to sleep on my stomach for the first time in 40 years because the pain in my neck is gone. I love laser therapy!”

Testimonial on ACL Tear